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Geethanjali Returns, Audiences didn’t

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We mostly see sequels recreating the success of their prequels. Many times sequels end up missing the magic and continuity of the first part. The same happened to Geethanjali Malli Vachhindhi, the sequel of Geethanjali released in 2014. Geethanjali became a big success for both Anjali and Srinivasa Reddy. But now Geethanjali has returned but the same audiences didn’t.

The sequel released almost after a decade. There is no room for a sequel creation as well but the makers wanted to do it again. The promotional content of the film too didn’t excite the audience. It was such that many people didn’t even know the film was released today. Geethanjali Malli Vachhindhi released today to very poor word of mouth and reviews which resulted in a disastrous opening for the film despite the holiday occasion of Ramzan. There is also no chance for the film to pick up and is heading towards an outright disaster.

People are still preferring to watch Tillu Square, Manjummel Boys, and Family Star which released a week ago. All these films still struck the audience so Geethanjali Malli Vachhindhi didn’t even have a choice. Tillu Square has already crossed 100 crores and may touch even the 150 crores gross worldwide.

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