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Gaddar Awards replace Nandi Awards

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Gaddar Awards replace Nandi Awards. It is widely known that in the Telugu film industry, the well-respected Nandi Awards have not been given in a few years. In Telangana, the distribution of these awards was delayed after the state was divided. It seemed like everyone had forgotten about these awards.

The Nandi Awards in the state will be replaced with the ‘Gaddar Awards’ by the government, as stated by Chief Minister Revanth Reddy. In a public event, Revanth stated that the awards will be given in remembrance of the well-known revolutionary singer Gaddar. Gaddar Awards replace Nandi Awards.

Soon, the government will pass a GO. These awards will be given every year on January 31 for Gaddar Jayanthi, as per Revanth’s statement.

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It is widely known that the Telugu film industry’s bigwigs and 24 crafts’ representatives had a formal meeting with the new chief minister of Telangana, Revanth Reddy. Let’s hope that with the commencement of Gaddar Awards, a healthy relationship between government and industry will cherish from now on.

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