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Dum Masala song: Thaman and Mahesh at their best

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Dum Masala, the first single of Guntur Kaaram, is out, and Thaman and Mahesh are at their best. There were huge expectations for the first single, and the team reached expectations as the first single, Dum Masala Song, gave the required high, and it is also instantly catchy. 

The singer selection is excellent, and the lyrics are so good it is like a fan feast for Mahesh fans as the lyrics elevate the hero on-screen and off-screen. Thaman delivers again for Trivikram, and the music is fantastic.  The song definitely raised the buzz and expectations of the film.

Mahesh looks fantastic in every frame, and this is one of the best looks of his career. Trivikram takes the best output from Mahesh, and Thaman  Trivikram’s music taste shines again with Dum Masala.

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The combination of Mahesh Babu and Trivikram is very unique. The fans and audiences are eagerly anticipating the film. The makers announced that the first single will be unveiled on November 7th.

The makers released the first single of the movie Dum Masala today to celebrate Trivikram’s birthday. Ramajogayya Sastry wrote the song, and Sanjith Hegde and SS Thaman sang it.

The song is designed for the mass audience, and it has powerful beats that thumping beats. Mahesh Babu’s song was well-elevated by Ramajogayya Sastry’s lyrics, and Thaman’s scintillating music took it to a new level. The video is interesting because of its lyrical content and neat visuals. Mahesh has terrifically presented himself with his swag and style.

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