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Does Chiranjeevi still live in the ’90s?

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There’s no need to specially tell about the impact of Megastar Chiranjeevi in the Telugu Film Industry. He has been working since 40 years and the way he had inspired many normal audiences towards movies and made them go into a frenzy with his performance and charisma is remarkable.

Chiranjeevi is not only known for his versatile performances but also his specialization in dances and fights. And many people know that not only as an actor but he also involves in his movie’s direction and script changes. Some say it is involvement and some say it is interference with the director’s work.

An actor giving inputs in his film’s script is completely okay as long it is in favor of the movie. But the problem arises when it affects the movie negatively. The same is happening with Chiranjeevi now.

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Chiranjeevi’s inputs have worked very big time earlier for films like Indra, Tagore, and a lot more films. But now the inputs look old and are not in sync with the audience.

For example, Syeraa movie’s writer Paruchuri Gopalakrishna openly expressed that there have been many changes to their story, and even some issues have happened between Surender reddy and Chiranjeevi in shooting time according to the inside reports.

And in Acharya, Ramcharan’s role was designed for just 10 minutes but Chiranjeevi insisted Koratala to increase the character’s run time and due to that reason entire script has been changed. Because of these unnecessary changes, a lot of issues happened between Koratala and Chiranjeevi.

And as per the Godfather team, Chiranjeevi’s inputs have worked but many audiences who have watched lucifer felt that the second half of lucifer is better than Godfather.

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The whole problem is with Chiranjeevi because he is forcing the directors that they must use his inputs regarding the script, which is causing the issue. Many people think that being a Megastar and having such vast experience Chiranjeevi should know when to involve in the script and when to not.

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