DJ Tillu Director Plans To Do A Film With Naga Chaitanya

DJ Tillu is perhaps the only small-budget movie in recent times that was a success at the box office. In fact, it was not only a success at the box office but also created a rage among the audiences. DJ Tillu’s unorthodox slang and mannerisms made him a very likable character.

Shot on a nominal budget, the movie went on to make 30+ crores at the box office. This is an extremely impressive feat considering the fact that Siddhu Jonalagadda is a newcomer. It is also important to note that even the tier 2 heroes are failing to create such revenue nowadays. This just proves how successful DJ Tillu was.

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To bank on the success of the first part, the makers decided to opt for a sequel. This is a common strategy used to cash on the success of a project. The pooja ceremony was also completed for DJ Tillu’s sequel but due to some creative differences between director Vimal Krishna and Siddhu, Vimal walked out o the project.

After stepping out of the sequel, Vimal Krishna is now planning on making a small-budget film with Naga Chaitanya. He already has a script ready and he is in preparations to narrate the story to Chaitanya.

Naga Chaitanya is known for his experimental roles and most of them are successful also. But recently he tasted utter failure and will surely be cautious of his choices in the future.

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