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Distributor Loses 100 Crores In One Year; Never Before In Indian Cinema

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Although 2022 has been an overall better year for the Telugu Film Industry, there have been some bumps and obstacles along the way. A lot of people have had to go through many hardships but one man has suffered huge blows one after the other in 2022.

Noted distributor Warangal Srinu, who tasted sweet success has had a rather bitter 2022. Warangal Srinu has lost over 100+ crores in 2022 so far. This is a huge amount for anybody and potentially career-ending as well.

It is almost as if Warangal Srinu had no judgment while choosing his films. He was behind almost every big disaster this year, he either bought the Nizam rights or the entire film’s rights. It is fair to say that his decisions have proved quite costly.

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Warangal Srinu had earlier bought the Nizam rights for Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan’s Acharya. He had a lot of hopes for the film but everybody is aware of the result of Acharya in Nizam. He also bought the Nizam rights of Virata Parvam, which also failed at the box office.

Coming to the most expensive and perhaps the most misjudged decision, Warangal Srinu has also bought the entire South India rights for Liger. This is a huge setback for the distributor who had high hopes for Liger.

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