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Disappointing Business Offers for Devara

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Devara gets disappointing business offers. It is widely known that Young Tiger NTR is working on his first-ever Pan Indian film, Devara under the direction of Koratala Siva. So as it is not a normal budget or regional film, the makers expected a flurry of offers for the film, but Devara gets disappointing business offers.

As said above, Devara is not a regular film, and it is being made with a heavy budget involving lots of action parts and a lot of CG. So for this kind of heavy budget films, any producer will expect a massive business. But the business is not happening in the expected lines for Devara.

In Ceeded the movie is getting good offers around 24-25 from distributors. However, in Nizam the offers are less than 40Cr and Andhra [6 Territories] business offers are in the range of 45 — 50Cr which is very less for the film’s budget.

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Devara business offers are not big

If we combine the business of Andhra and Nizam the movie is expected to do a business around 85Cr which is very less for such a huge project. From distributors, the movie is getting normal big film range business offers. Mythri Movies team is in plans to acquire both the Telugu states rights, but their offer is also same in the range of 110Cr.

The Overseas business offers are said to be less than 25Cr. In other languages Devara’s business offers definitely will not be huge as the hype is not created there as of now and the director does not have any brand value out of Telugu. The total worldwide theatrical business for Devara might be lesser than 200Cr as of now, which is certainly disappointing for the budget.

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The makers need to do massive and continuous promotions to increase the buzz and business. The glimpse of Devara has worked well, but it’s not enough and the unit needs a continuous blockbuster promotional content to maintain the same level of craze.

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