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Directors torturing the heroes and as well as audiences

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Movie making has evolved beyond just story, screenplay, and high technical values. Nowadays factors like marketing, promotions, hero’s looks, and other external factors are playing an equal role in a movie’s box office performance. While maintaining a correct balance between the actual movie and these external factors is vital, some directors are focussing more on the latter and totally ignoring the content of the film.

Few directors are torturing heroes on shooting sets in the name of physical transformation and other activities. And after the release, the audience is getting tortured in theatres with bad and outdated content. This whole process is an ordeal for producers as well as they now have to wait for a long period for the movie to get completed

It is really surprising to see how the directors are forcing heroes to do intense workouts in the name of physical transformations for a few scenes which do not have any positive impact on the movie’s story. It’s about time the directors realize that the hero’s physique is an extremely minor part of the movie and it’s the story and presentation that mattes.

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