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Directors in a dream world, sequel idea hurting films

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As Baahubali and KGF along with some Bollywood sequels created magic at the box office, the trend for a bigger and grander sequel began. More and more directors are leaning towards doing film franchises or sequels and telling the story in 2 or sometimes even three parts. This is causing to be a big problem for the producers.

If the content really has the potential to be a franchise or sequel then there is no problem. But the problem is that directors are making plans for sequels for even some regular commercial films which is backfiring. By planning a sequel way ahead the team hides some part of the film for part 2 which is extremely crucial for the sequel’s success. But, if that surprise element itself is not interesting, then there will be no anticipation for the sequel which is happening for most films now.

In most of the recent films sequel is being pre-planned without any interesting hook to keep the audience guessing and waiting for the sequel. Due to this unnecessary focus on making a film in 2 parts, 1st part itself is becoming a failure leaving little scope of part 2. The makers should now come out of this dreamy world and think multiple times whether content really demands a sequel or not

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