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Dil Raju directly target’s SSMB28 Producer Naga Vamsi

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In a recent interview with a website, Dil Raju has directly mentioned that they are getting the information from another Young Producer Naga Vamsi and writing the articles against him based on that information. He said that the leading website is composing the articles with half knowledge.

This clearly shows that Dil Raju was very much hurt because of Naga Vamsi as he feels he is forming differences between Star Heroes and himself by making cooked up stories and misleading word.

Young Tollywood producer Suryadevara Naga Vamsi also appears in a few Controversies for some time. The audience criticized him for commenting against the common man during DJ Tillu. Currently he’s producing SSMB28 in the combination of Superstar Mahesh Babu and Trivikram.

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Dil Raju, who is well recognized as a leading producer in the Telugu Film industry, is becoming a hot topic with some controversies in recent times. He gave an interview for a popular website, where he mentioned that whoever has the content in the industry will see outstanding success at the box office.

But in the world of cinema, sometimes you too face failures, and you got to have the ability to bear them and move forward. He further stated that at one point he had seen severe financial damage with Mahesh Babu and Pawan Kalyan’s films.

In 2017, Dil Raju bought the rights of Spyder, the film which came in the combination of Mahesh Babu and Murugadoss for a massive price. Moreover, in the same year, he got the rights of Pawan Kalyan’s Agnyathavasi. We know that the movie was released as 2018 Sankranti special.

But within a gap of few months, Dil Raju saw a terrible financial damage with those two films as Spyder and Agnyathavasi became colossal disasters at the box office.

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