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Devil Movie Review – Decent Investigative Thriller

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Movie: Devil
Rating: 2.75/5
Cast: Kalyan Ram, Samyuktha, Malavika Nair, Elnaz Nouruzi, and Mark Bennington
Director: Abhishek Nama
Produced By: Abhishek Nama
Release Date: 29th December 2023

Devil, the latest film by Kalyan Ram, has been released today. The filmmakers displayed great confidence in the success of Devil at the box office. The trailer and posters of the film have left a positive impact on the audience. Now, let’s delve into the Devil Movie Review to discover how the movie has turned out. Devil turns out to be a decent Investigative Thriller

Story: Taking place in the Madras presidency of British India in 1945, Devil (Kalyan Ram) is a British Secret Agent who undertakes the task of unraveling a murder mystery. The investigation leads to several turns and Devil gets to face many unexpected events in the process. His romantic involvement with Naishada (Samyuktha) leads him to Manimekala (Malavika Nair) and her freedom fighters’ group. How Devil gets succeeded in his investigation? What is his main intention? Answers to these questions form the rest of the story.

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Performances: Nandamuri Kalyan Ram did well as Devil. His dialogue diction and performance in a few key emotional episodes were perfect. Samyuktha gets a meaty roel and does complete justice to it. Malavika Nair, Shafee, Vashishta Simha, Mark Bennington and others were appropriate.

Devil First Half Review:

The initial portions start in intriguing mode as the narrative does not waste time, and the murder investigation scenes look impressive. The music appeared below par as songs did not make any impact, and the background score could have been much better. The interval episode lacked the emotional impact as the love track was improperly handled.

Devil Second Half Review:

The second half starts on a perfect note and continues to maintain the same momentum. The critical revelation episode of “Trivarna” worked big, and the following turns were also good. The action episode towards the Climax was not that impressive, but the finale scene was terrific. The film could have been on another level if the first half and the love track were dealt with properly. But still, it has enough content to be an engaging affair.


  • Core Plot
  • Second Half
  • Production Design
  • Kalyan Ram and Samyuktha’s performance
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  • Love Track
  • First half after initial portions
  • Music

Devil Movie Review and Verdict:

Devil is a decent investigative thriller with a patriotic and commercial touch. The narrative falls flat until the halfway point after an exciting start. Kalyan Ram and Samyukta did well. The film’s second half has unexpected twists and turns that work well for it. Overall, it is a watchable fare. 

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