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Devara vs Game Changer: Overseas Rights and Breakeven details

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Devara and Game Changer Overseas rights and Breakeven details are out. It is widely known that the NTR’s pan-Indian action drama Devara has been postponed and with this Devara and Game changer both the films are expected to be released in the same period with minimal gap.

As both are RRR lead stars, the clash is from the release itself between the fans on who got more credits in the film and whose market has been improved and got bigger. Even the neutral audiences are interested to see which film will do more business and collections in Game changer and Devara.

Definitely business wise Game Changer has an advantage as Shankar’s brand in Tamil and other languages is big whereas Koratala Siva does not have any market in other languages. Devara and Game Changer Overseas rights and Breakeven details are out.

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Both Devara and Game Changer movie’s Overseas rights have been sold. Game Changer’s Overseas rights are sold for 32Cr to Phars and Devara’s rights were bought for 27Cr by Hamsini entertainment.

The difference is because of Tamil market advantage for Ram Charan and Shankar’s movie, as Tamil Overseas market is very bigger and Shankar is the biggest Tamil director when it comes to Overseas.

The Breakeven of Devara is at 6.25M approx and Game Changer is at 7.5M approx. If we include P&P costs, Devara should collect in the range of 6.7M+ and Game Changer should collect 8M for a clean hit status.

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