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Chiranjeevi’s Mega157 in talks with Tamil director

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Chiranjeevi’s Mega157 is in talks with a Tamil director. It is widely known that Chiranjeevi’s upcoming big fantasy film under the direction of Mallidi Vassishta has begun recently. Now, Chiranjeevi’s Mega157 is in talks with a Tamil director. At first, the plan for Chiru was to make his 156 with Director Kalyan Krishna and his 157th film With Vassishta. Still, after Bhola Shankar’s result, Chiranjeevi canceled Kalyan Krishna’s film, and Vassishta’s film became 156, and it has been announced officially.

For his next film, Mega157, Chiranjeevi is in talks with Tamil director PS Mithran, which is said to be based on a solid social message, and the script work is happening currently. Chiranjeevi plans to do two films simultaneously as Vassishta’s film will need massive post-production and VFX work so he can manage two films simultaneously.

Mithran had previously narrated a script to Ram Charan, but the project has yet to come to fruition. Now he has come up with another exciting subject that will perfectly suit Megastar’s stardom, per the reports.

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It has been reported that Chiru sent Vasishta’s writing team to Chennai to participate in meetings with Mithran to modify the script to suit Chiru’s image. Launching this project while Vasishta’s film is in production is the objective.

According to reports, the film will be produced by Chiru’s daughter, Sushmita Konidela, and a Tamil production house. The scripting process is currently in progress, and the unit will make additional information available soon.

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