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Chiranjeevi conducted a free cancer screening camp for fans and industry people

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Megastar Chiranjeevi is known for his social activities apart from being a star hero. He has once again shown his Golden Heart as he organized a free cancer screening camp with his blood bank. Chiranjeevi recently reported that he had been diagnosed with non-cancer polyps that were capable of developing into cancer. Fortunately, through early testing and prompt treatment, he was able to address the issue. That experience made Chiranjeevi stress the importance of early detection and proper treatment in the effective fight against cancer.

Which is why hospitals and the Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust have now teamed up to run free cancer screening camps in Telangana. The objective is the rapid detection of cancer in patients. Under this initiative, a cancer screening camp specifically for members of the film industry was held at the Chiranjeevi Blood Bank on Sunday, July 9.

To date, more than 2,000 beneficiaries from 24 different occupations within the industry have enrolled for cancer screening. This comprehensive approach shows the dedication of Chiranjeevi and his dedication to support not only the stars, but also the technicians, workers and other professionals who contribute to the world of cinema. On Chiranjeevi’s invitation, approximately 600 film journalists also registered for the free cancer screening camp.

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To handle the crowds, fixed time slots on different counters were allocated to visitors coming for cancer screening. Initial tests and physical examinations are also given to patients in case of symptoms. The management took great care to carry out the event in a highly organized manner.

In recognition of the importance of reaching a broader population, it is also being said that Chiranjeevi is in plans to extend the free cancer screening camp to the populations of the villages of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. This comprehensive approach is designed to positively affect the lives of countless people who may not otherwise have had access to such crucial health services.

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