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Censor’s New Guidelines are hurting the industries

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Censor’s new guidelines are hurting the industries. Movies affected by the Censor Board’s strict action or the delay in the Censorship of a few movies are not new. However, most of the time, only films with controversial topics or relevance to real-life issues have faced issues with the Censor. Lately, Censor’s new guidelines are hurting the industries.

Recently, we have seen how the creator of the KGF Series, Prashanth Neel, was hurt by the Censor team for giving A certificate to Salaar. He said recently that the Censor team changed the guidelines, forcing them to take an A certificate as it asked for multiple cuts to give a U/A Certificate. 

As the action scenes were crucial for Salaar, Prashanth Neel and the team wanted to keep them, so they opted for an A certificate.  The latest films affected by the Censor Board are Dhanush’s Captain Miller and Venkatesh’s Saindhav. Censor’s new guidelines are hurting the industries. 

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The Censor Team suggested multiple cuts and a 4-minute action scene from Captain Miller’s Climax was trimmed. Now, the unit is in dilemma whether to go for an A certificate or U/A. 

According to the new guidelines, the Censor team is trimming wherever there are some bloody action parts, but before, it was not like that. In the past, officials of the Censor Board were used to allow some cuss words and blood shots in action episodes to an extent for a U/A Certificate. But now, they are mercilessly trimming everything, so the movie teams are forced to go for A certificate if they deal with a heavy dose of action.

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