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Captain Miller Director Arun Matheswaran interview

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Captain Miller Director Arun Matheswaran interview is here. It is widely known that Dhanush’s latest periodic action drama, Captain Miller has been released on Pongal 2024. After becoming a huge hit in Tamil Nadu, the film is now slated for its Telugu release on January 26th. Produced by Satya Jyothi Films, Asian Cinemas and Suresh Productions are releasing the film in the Telugu Market. Captain Miller Director Arun Matheswaran interview is here.

Captain Miller is a story about the oppressed fighting for freedom. It has universal appeal: Director Arun Matheswaran

When did the idea of ‘Captain Miller’ come into your mind?
— I got this idea of Captain Miller 10 years ago. I just had this small idea of making a film on an Indian soldier in the British Army. I started working on the script and that how’s this whole thing began.

Have you imagined Dhanush in the role before writing the script?
— No! After completing the script, I thought Dhanush would be the perfect fit to justify the role of Captain Miller. We approached him and he liked the script. He rocked it with his performance.

How was the working experience with Dhanush?
— Dhanush is a phenomenal performer. The work gets easy when you have an actor who is also a superstar. He is perfectly apt as Captain Miller. He can do any type of role. It was an amazing experience working with him. I’ve learned a lot during this process, and there’s a lot more to learn from him.

How does the story of Captain Miller unfold? How are the action and drama going to be?
— It is a very emotional story, and contrary to the impression people might get from the trailer, only 40% of the film has action. The rest is pure drama about the journey of the character. The audience will relate very well to the characters and the story very much.

There seems to be a huge cast. How did the casting process take place for Captain Miller?
— The film boasts an ensemble cast, with each member delivering a stellar performance that intricately weaves into the fabric of Captain Miller’s story. The screen is graced by a multitude of brilliant performers, each immersing themselves in their roles and adding layers of authenticity to the narrative.

How did Shiva Rajkumar come on board for this film?
— Although we initially approached a couple of Tamil actors, it didn’t pan out, and that’s when we turned to Shiva Rajkumar. His performance in the film aligns with the iconic style he displayed in “Om,” particularly in his collaboration with Upendra. The choice was clear – his look perfectly matched the character, and we needed someone with the gravitas to convey a sense of seniority. From the moment he enters the frame, his presence is captivating, especially given the deliberate mystery surrounding his character’s backstory. One of the standout moments is a compelling conversation scene between him and Dhanush, where both actors shine brilliantly.

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How did Sundeep Kishan come on board for the role of Captain Rafiq?
— Sundeep Kishan is my long-time friend, I’ve known him for more than 12 years now. I was supposed to do a film with him in 2012, but it didn’t materialize. I’ve been in touch with Sundeep on and off and thought he would be perfect for the role. When I asked him, he instantly said yes and that’s how he came on board to play Captain Rafiq. He is tremendous.

How did you imagine Priyanka Arul Mohan in such a rustic role as Velmathi?
— She is a very professional actress. In the beginning, for the first two days, it was tough for Priyanka, but later she got used to it. I always want my female leads to surprise the audience with their characters in my film, and Priyanka hasn’t done anything like this before, and we knew she would be perfect for the role of Velmathi.

About Music Director GV Prakash?
— GV Prakash was supposed to do my stalled film in 2012 and for this, I wanted him, especially for BGM. He is a master at providing background scores.

Any Memorable moments during the shoot?
— We shot for 114 days and there are many memorable moments. It’s difficult to pick one. Every day was a new experience and a memorable moment.

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It requires great effort to take back the audience to 1930s and how challenging was the production design of the film?
— It was very tough and a huge challenge for us because we didn’t shoot a single scene inside a studio. Everything we did was in the live locations. So, recreating the 30s and 40s ambiance was a huge challenge. My Art director Ramalingam pulled it off brilliantly. His contribution to the film is huge. There are very less CG parts in the film, mostly everything you see on the screen is real.

Working Experience with Satya Jyothi Films and How did the journey begin?
— Arjun Thayagarajan is my friend. He was supposed to produce my first film, but it didn’t happen. Later, I sent them the synopsis of Captain Miller in 2018, Their support for this film is immense. They backed up very well and gave everything that was required for the film.

About the Telugu Release by Asian Cinemas and Suresh Productions?
— I was very happy when I got to know that they are releasing in Telugu because I knew they are the best here and will give the best release for the film.

What do you say to the Telugu audience about the film?
— Captain Miller is a story about the oppressed fighting for freedom and self-respect. The theme of the film is very universal, and it will appeal to everyone, especially to the Telugu audience.

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