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Buyers Have One Version And Charmee Has Another Version About Liger Profits And Losses

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After the poor result of Liger at the box office, there have naturally been humungous losses for all parties involved. But the people with the holes in their pockets are the distributors of Liger who have faced losses in every single territory. A prime example of this would be Warangal Srinu, who bought the entire South Indian rights of Liger for a whopping 90 crores.

Although the fact that Liger is in deep loss seems to be unanimous, there are two different versions. The distributors and exhibitors are of the opinion that the producers Puri and Charmee are in huge profits. They are demanding that Puri should compensate for the losses with the theatrical and non-theatrical business of the film.

They believe that even after compensation of the losses, the producers will be in profit. But according to Charmee’s version of the story, she says that there is no money left to compensate. Charmee has told the buyers that all the money has been lost because of high budgets and fancy remunerations of actors. In addition to that, the interests of the film have also taken up a lot of money.

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However, the buyers are not at all convinced and are demanding compensation at the earliest. We will have to wait and see how this saga unfolds and whether compensation takes place or not. This also puts Puri’s dream project Jana Gana Mana in huge jeopardy.

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