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Boyapati Srinu about a film with Suriya

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Boyapati Srinu is known for mass masala over the board entertainers. Suriya is known for versatile films. So will anyone imagine a film from both of them together? Boyapati Srinu did. Though Suriya had some mass hits in his career, Boyapati’s mass is another level. So it is definitely a surprise of both of them come together. Boyapati expressed his wish about doing a film with Suriya yesterday.

Suriya’s latest movie ET is releasing on 10th March in Tamil along with the dubbed versions in Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam and Kannada. We all know the mutual love between Suriya and Telugu cinema, Suriya himself is dubbing for Telugu version. Yesterday evening a prerelease event for ET is held at Hyderabad. Rana Daggubati, Boyapati Srinu, Dil Raju and Gopichand Malineni are the guests from Tollywood that attended the event along with Suriya, Sathyaraj, Priyanka Mohan, Pandiraj. Boyapati in his speech mentioned that Telugu audience treats Suriya as their own hero. He also said that he respects Suriya very much for the charity work he is doing and also for the kind of films he chooses. As the crowd continuously interrupted Boyapati asking him about a film with Suriya, he humbly turned towards Suriya and said that when the time comes we both will definitely do a film together.

Boyapati is enjoying his success of Akhanda and Suriya is going great with his films. Suriya’s last two films Akasame Haddu ra and Jai Bhim released in OTT and received well. His latest outing ET trailer got good applause for its mass and action elements. So let’s see when that time comes that Boyapati Srinu mentioned to witness Suriya in Boya’s mass.

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