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Boyapati Sreenu accepts Thaman’s mistake but doesn’t acknowledge his own for Skanda

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Boyapati Sreenu’s latest film, Skanda was released on September 28th and failed to reach the expectations of the audiences and trade as well. While the film has become a big failure at the box office, it also faced severe criticism for its screenplay and routine plot. But the problem is, director Boyapati Sreenu, accepts that the film’s music director Thaman had made a mistake but does not acknowledge his own mistakes in Skanda.

Boyapati srinu himself admitted that Thaman’s music is getting the backslash from the audience. He said that even the people who are close to him said that the music did not work well for the film, and the audience feedback was negative as well. But the issue with Boyapati is that in his latest interview after the film’s release, he is not admitting to the fact that his mistakes are the biggest minus points for the film.

He still feels he did more than 100% for the film and the movie is very much a hit and audience response was positive for the film. Boyapati should respect and understand people’s feedback on him to continue as a successful filmmaker.

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A massive criticism that the action director had faced after the release of Skanda is about how he takes the audience for granted. In the name of creative liberty and packing commercial elements, over-exaggeration has been normalized by Boyapati Sreenu. One of the main reasons for Skanda’s negative talk was the way he showcased the Chief Ministers of Telugu states and Police Departments. Even in Akhanda for example, Pragya Jaiswal’s IAS character was a part of some outlandish scenes.

The audience did not accept the silly conflict between two Chief Ministers when coming to Skanda. Furthermore, the way he portrayed Chief Ministers in the film’s climax was too artificial.

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