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Both Kabzaa and Phalana Ammayi Phalana Abbayi have a disastrous start at box office

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The theater owners in the Telugu States have really hoped that films released on this weekend will give a relief from the continuous poor results of movies and deficits, but the new releases had a disastrous start at the box office.

Phalana Ammayi phalana Abbayi had deficits in many centers on the opening day itself, whereas Kabzaa had good hype before release and the film’s noon shows started on a decent note. However, because of bad talk the collections were dropped from the next show and this morning shows are also shown poor occupancy.

Kabzaa could have been a good action entertainer, but the director failed to make an engaging film with artificial taking as the film looked a mere spoof of the KGF Series without emotional impact. Avasarala Srinivas’s Phalana Abbaayi Phalana Ammayi had good content, but the narration he chose proved to be the spoilsport for the film.

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The lead pair in the film, Malavika Nair and Naga Shourya gave good performances and their chemistry was also superb. Songs and a few scenes came good in this romantic drama, but as said above, the chapter – wise narration was not at all liked by the audience.

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