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Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Day 68: Amardeep Chaudhary, Shobha Shetty, and Prince Yawar met their family

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The 68th Episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 7 continued the emotional journey of housemates meeting their family members. Amardeep Chaudhary met his wife as a birthday special, Shobha Shetty met with her mother, and Prince Yawar met his brother. It is widely known that Gautam Krishna and Priyanka Jain met their families in yesterday’s episode.

At first, the 68th Episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 7 started with the housemates dancing to the Naatu Naatu Song in RRR. Then, Rathika Rose, Gautam Krishna, Amardeep Chaudhary, and Prince Yawar discussed the Kitchen work.

After that, BB wished Amar his birthday, and his wife, Tejaswini, entered the house. But he was still in the confession room, and BB lied to him that his wife did not come to the house and she sent a cake instead. When Amar was out of the confession room, he became emotional seeing his wife, and they both shared a warm hug.

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Amar and Tejaswini talked about their family, and the house celebrated Amardeep ‘s birthday by cutting the cake. Then Tejaswini told Amar that he was playing the game well but to take care of his words during the arguments and to play his game individually. After that, Tejaswini left the big boss’s house.

After that, as a part of the “BB College task,” the housemates sang songs about their mother. Then Shobha Shetty’s mother, Rathnamma, made a surprise entry. She gave Prince Yawar an old photo of his mother and told him he was also a member of her family. She also stated all are playing the game well. To her daughter, Shobha, she said that to continue to play the intense game.

Yawar became so emotional seeing his mother’s photo, and he thanked Rathnamma.  Bhole sang a song when Rathnamma was leaving the house. Meanwhile, Arjun and Bhole had a small argument as the former felt the latter had spoken badly of him.

After that, in the 68th episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 7, Prince Yawar’s brother Sujamath entered the house. He talked with all the housemates and especially felt emotional while talking to Gautam. He told Yawar to play tough, be a fighter, and not give up his game.

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Finally, the episode ended with Priyanka Jain telling Amar that his wife, Tejaswini, did not speak to her nicely.

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