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Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Day 67: Gautam Krishna and Priyanka Jain met their family.

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In the 67th episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 7, the family emotions continued to ponder the viewers’ hearts as Gautam Krishna and Priyanka Jain met their family. While Gautam’s mother came to see him, Bhole’s wife met him. It is widely known that in the yesterday’s episode, Shivaji and Arjun Ambati, Ashwini met their family.

At first, in the 67th episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 7, the housemates woke up dancing to the Family Party song from Nani’s MCA. After that, Arjun Ambati and Shobha Shetty had a funny argument over sweeping the floor.

Then, as a part of the BB College task, Pallavi Prashanth came as the lecturer and entertained the housemates. BB told Amar to participate with Prashanth and take an English class with his fellow housemates.

Then Gautam Krishna’s mother, Manga, entered the big boss’s house. Before her entrance, Gautam received a panche from BB. Naturally, the mother and son were in tears. Gautam’s mother also had a good time with the housemates. She also told Gautam to be firm on his words and not to get flipped with his statements. She also served and fed food for all the housemates. 

Yawar felt very emotional, and Manga consoled and stated he was also like her son, just like Gautam, and then she left the house. 

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After that, Priyanka Jain’s Shiv entered a bigg boss house. He appreciated all the housemates’ games in detail and had a good time with them. Then Shiv and Priyanka had a personal chat, and he said her family was missing Priyanka. He told her the game was good and said Priyanka to be aware of the competition and not to elongate arguments with other housemates.

Finally, Shiv left the house. Then, the BB College task continued with funny episodes as Amardeep and Shobha conducted an Anthyakshari. Then, the wife of Bhole Shavali, Seema, entered the house. 

She told her husband that his game and he should continue to entertain. Then BB ordered Bhole Shavali to sing a song for his wife. Finally, the 67th episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 7 ended with Seema leaving the house. Bhole sang a song when his wife was leaving the house.

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