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Bigg Boss Telugu 7 – Day 20 : Shobha Shetty VS Priyanka for the Power Astra

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The day started by bigg boss giving a shock to the contestants. He called the three contenders of the third Power Astra task and told that they have to eliminate the weakest contender among them and the other two contenders will be able to enter the next level of the task.

Naturally, the trio of Priyanka, Shobha and Yawar were shocked and discussed that who should be eliminated. Yawar once again got angry as Shobha cited a reason that he is strong, and she would rather not fight with him. In the end, Yawar was eliminated as Priyanka and Shobha both choose him.

Amardeep was also not happy with Priyanka’s decision. Yawar apologized to bigg boss for damaging the house property. He was unable to accept his eliminated and cried.

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After that, Bigg Boss gave the Bull ride task for Shobha Shetty and Priyanka and said whoever be able to ride for more time in 3 opportunities will be the winner of the Power Astra task. The winner of the task will be announced by Nagarjuna on the weekend episode.

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