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Big shock to Mohanlal – Alone opens with Worst numbers

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Mohanlal’s latest film Alone has released on 26th January and despite it being a national holiday the film opened with worst and disastrous numbers. The movie opened with around 40 Lacks gross in Kerala, which has shocked everyone.

Mohanlal being a big superstar and his film getting the lowest possible numbers, would certainly raise a doubt that how come the film faced such a pathetic return. Some fans of Mohanlal say that the film is experimental and that’s why it didn’t get a suitable response.

The film Alone marks Shaji Kailas and Mohanlal’s eighth collaboration. A partnership that began with the 1997 action drama Aaraam Thampuran, the 2009 crime thriller Red Chilies was their last work together.

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January 26 is a special day for both director Shaji Kailas and Malayalam superstar Mohanlal. It was on January 26, 23 years ago, that their Narasimham hit screens in Kerala.

Narasimham not only smashed many box office records, but it became one of the most successful movies in both their individual careers and indeed in Malayalam cinema history. Much today, the movie has a unique place in Kerala’s pop culture.

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