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Before Release India Will Shake, After Release Distributors And Exhibitors Will Shake

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There is a popular saying that goes, “Where there is humility, there is success.” Perhaps Vijay Deverakonda needed to hear this quote before he gave his speech during the pre-release events of Liger. There is nothing wrong with confidence but overconfidence on the other hand can be dangerous.

Vijay Deverakonda is known for his no-nonsense attitude and his cut-throat answers. These attributes are admirable to a large extent also but the problem is when these attributes do not back up with the actor’s films.

Vijay’s last three films have all been utter flops at the box office. The common theme in all three movies is Vijay’s super confident approach before the film. Although Dear Comrade was still a good film, World Famous Lover and Liger were complete trainwrecks.

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Before the release of Liger, Vijay famously said, “We are planning to shake India. I will start counting the box office collections from 200 crores.” It is still a mystery whether Vijay dubbed for the film blindfolded or whether he was threatened to say that. Because anyone who saw the film could tell that the counting would stop on the first day itself.

The only people that are shaking are the distributors and exhibitors who are in humungous losses due to Liger. Warangal Srinu who has bought the entire South India rights is expected to be in 50 crores of losses at least. Most of the others have lost 80% of the money spent. At the end of it all, it is Vijay who has walked away with hefty remunerations and a loud mouth.

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