Beast movie review: Not as ferocious as expected

Movie: Beast
Rating: 2.25/5
Cast: Vijay, Pooja Hegde, Yogi Babu, Selvaraghavan, Redin Kingsley
Director: Nelson Dileepkumar
Produced By: Sun Pictures
Release Date: April 13th, 2022

After multiple delays and troubles, Vijay’s Beast finally hit the screens today in what can be termed as one of the biggest Kollywood releases ever. The advance booking and the hype around the movie have been quite surreal and the fans are eager to catch Thalapathy on-screen after more than a year. Beast’s trailer and the two songs have evoked terrific response and have further heightened expectations. But, does the movie have enough to engage the audience for more than 2:30 hours? Let’s find out

Story: Beast is a story of an attempted hijack of a mall with hundreds of visitors inside. The terrorists hijack the mall with a demand of the release of their leader Umar Farooq who was captured by RAW agent, Vijay Raghavan (Vijay). Unfortunately for the terrorists, Vijay Raghavan is present in the mall at the time of the hijack of the East Coast Mall. And we all can surely guess what happens through the next couple of hours.

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Performances: Vijay is the biggest USP of the film. Beast is entirely his movie to shoulder and he does a fair enough job as a daring RAW agent. His screen presence is indeed impressive and he looks fit and sharp and plays the role of sharp and smart soldier quite convincingly. Pooja Hegde is a supporting character just like Yogi Babu and others and her role is limited only to Arabic Kuthu. Director Selvaraghavan as the government’s negotiator with terrorists is quite a revelation and does a decent job. However, what’s the need of a negotiator when there’s a Beast unleashed inside the mall is a question many might raise.

Analysis: Beast is an age-old concept and there is no way to add any depth or layers to the stories of the characters. It is purely aimed at action lovers and Thalapathy fans. Despite the film being a Vijay starrer, there was some requirement for solid writing and screenplay. Some scenes are outright silly while many are quite over the top and make the movie look slightly caricaturish. Apart from Vijay, no other character is well established. This is why the audience might not empathize with them despite the characters being in grave danger.

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Plus Points:

  • Vijay
  • Few Comedy Scenes
  • Songs

Minus Points:

  • Weak villains
  • Unconvincing action sequences
  • Runtime

Verdict: Beast promises to be an exciting action thriller on paper. However, the execution falls flat in many places with action sequences looking slightly over the top even for a Vijay film. The movie is strictly for Thalapathy fans and action lovers and had it been for better writing and crisp editing, it would have been everyone’s cup of tea.

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