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Baahubali Producer states Salaar’s Hindi numbers are affected due to the lack of promotions

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Baahubali Producer states that Salaar’s Hindi numbers are affected due to the lack of promotions. It is widely known that Prabhas’s latest film, Salaar, was released in Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, and Telugu, the main version. While the film’s underperformance in the other languages could be understood, no one could guess that the film would get fewer numbers in the Hindi version.

Because Salaar was made in the combination of Baahubali Hero and KGF Series Director, everyone, including the trade, expected the film to collect massive numbers in North India. However, Salaar has managed to collect just decent numbers in Hindi. Shobhu Yaarlagadda, the Baahubali Producer, states that Salaar’s Hindi numbers are affected due to the lack of promotions.

Lack of Promotions killed the box office potential of Salaar in Hindi

The reason mentioned by Shobhu is absolutely valid. In Telugu, there is no need for any promotions for Salaar, but when it comes to other languages, they must do massive promotions to create a buzz, especially in Hindi. The Baahubali Producer also said that the makers of Salaar could have shown the world of Khansaar and its characters to the audiences before the release, which could have made them more transparent about the film’s story.

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Prabhas did a lot of promotions for Saaho in Hindi, and we have seen the numbers of the film, and it opened well there, even with bad reviews. Salaar has good reviews and a massive combination, but the only missing part is a buzz around the film. If they promoted the film well and created a buzz, then for sure, Salaar could have seen double collections than the current numbers.

Salaar has collected around 100Cr net in the Hindi belt, which is a low number considering the combination and scale of the film. If the movie had been promoted well, the team could have reached the 200Cr mark by this time. 

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