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Artist Sunitha Boya naked protest before Geetha arts office again

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Actress Sunitha Boya has yet again protested nakedly before Geeta Arts office against ace producer and distributor of several blockbuster movies, Bunny Vasu. He is a close associate of Allu Arjun and a confidante of Allu family. Suneetha had numerous times did the same to vent out her agony.

Such display of anguish by women in the film industry is increasing. This shows that there are only few channels left for women to resolve their disputes. Sunitha is complaining that Bunny Vasu is the cause for her mental breakdown.

In the past, actress Sri Reddy also had to protest in a naked way to bring about response from industry regarding #metoo movement. Bigwigs in the industry initially didn’t care much, and later responded in a tacit manner.

Now, Actress Sunitha Boya’s nude protest incident has once again reminded Sri Reddy’s nude protest incident. Sri Reddy protested against the entire industry, but actress Sunitha Boya protested against Bunny Vasu saying that he had cheated her. And we have to wait whether this controversy will be settled or this episode will continue.

Bunny Vasu started his film career with Geeta Arts. People who know him say that Bunny Vasu’s closeness with stylish star Allu Arjun made him grow as a distributor and producer. Bunny Vasu has also produced several films with Geetha Arts banner. More information regarding this incident is yet to be known.

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After watching Sunitha’s protest about her perceived injustice, valid statement in response from Bunny Vasu is awaited.

As this is not the first time such incident has happened before Geeta Arts, it is better the issue is resolved amicably and the voice of a woman be heard.

Bunny Vasu in the past have condemned the statements of Sunitha Boya but issue resurfacing regularly isn’t a good sign. The She committees established after Me Too may step in and take cognizance of the matter and listen to Sunitha Boya at the earliest.

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