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Allu Arjun fans Over-action at Geetha arts office for Pushpa2 update

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Fans of star heroes are being restless these days for updates. They are using different means to get an update. Some do trending on Twitter, others reach out to celebrities and Pros, some others might disturb the movie events.

But Allu Arjun fans have gone one step ahead and went to Geeta Arts office to protest, making slogans for update regarding Pushpa2.

Recently, Pushpa 2 team started filming the movie and Allu Arjun is yet to join the shoot. It must be understood that updates will come only if significant shooting is done. Also, Bunny fans went to Geeta arts office which has no connection to Pushpa 2 except that Allu family owns it.

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These different methods to elicit a response from movie teams have become too much of a headache for the production houses. Directors, actors, and the production team are entirely involved in the promotions, and they have a roadmap for starting the advertising campaign.

However, they give dates beforehand to keep the interest on the updates intact. These techniques of holding back the promotional content keep the fans on toes. They wait and perform these unnecessary things out of frustration.

The silver lining in the story is that, Pushpa 2 team shot a small promotional video that will be attached to Avatar-2 movie. Even after knowing about this, still some fans are doing this unnecessary nuisance.

To love their star is nothing bad, but to create unnecessary issues would only lead to undesirable consequences. Fans have to follow some restraint and put their energies in bringing good name to the hero and put limits to their aggressive behavior.

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