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All big producers at one side now and opposing the priority of Straight films rule by producers council

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There is a simmering conflict between big producers and small producers in tollywood. The controversy surrounding Varisu getting more theaters is getting out of hands now. Producers council of Telugu industry has advised Dil Raju to stick to his words during 2019 Sankranthi.

The council wants Dil Raju to prioritize Telugu films instead of dubbed ones during festival seasons. However, since he is the producer for a Tamil movie to be dubbed in Telugu with Thalapathy Vijay as hero, he is obviously not favoring straight movies this time.

Small producers of tollywood are now pointing fingers at Dil Raju’s hypocrisy. However, senior producers like Allu Aravind and Aswini Dutt are taking the side of Dil Raju.

In that context, Allu Aravind has come to rescue Dil Raju. Allu Aravind reaffirmed that in Pan India market after Bahubali we cannot restrict dubbed films to few theaters. Big producers are favoring larger markets, dubbing movies for their benefit, as their movies have that capacity to reach out to larger audiences.

Small producers are complaining of this. However, threats from Tamil producers like Linguswamy also creating ripples, they are issuing warnings that Telugu movies will get affected if Varisu doesn’t get good theaters.

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The issue has never been about languages, but always been between small vs. big producers. Big producers change rules whenever necessary for their interest, but the small producers have to comply. Small producers are using Varisu as an opportunity to expose Dil Raju’s double standards.

However, the powerful people will have the final say in the industry. In fact, it is a bit shameful for Telugu industry to not counter Tamil producers’ exaggerated and threatening calls with logic and evidence.

They could’ve easily shown the facts and figures about Telugu industry’s openness towards other language films. But our senior most producers have been fighting the local small players, but couldn’t speak a word against those who issued warnings.

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