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Agent is a big lesson to the Heroes, Directors, and Producers

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It is very well known to everyone that Akhil Akkineni’s Agent, which was released yesterday, has received a terrible response from the audience. The box office numbers dismal and the Director Surender Reddy, Hero Akhil are getting a lot of criticism for the kind of content they have delivered after hyping up so much about the budget and making. The result of Agent is a big lesson to the Heroes, Directors, and Producers in the Telugu Film Industry.

“Even the hardest of work can be in vain if not applied in the right direction” This is a quote which our heroes should remember when they are transforming their body by spending huge effort and time. They have to be very sure about the content of the film on which they are working. Their Hard work can gain only sympathy, but not rewards if the content of their film is bad.

The Same goes with the directors as well. They should realize their worth and be in reality by balancing their ambitions and skills. Nowadays, many of the directors think that they are making an epic film and putting the Heroes and Producers in immense pressure by unnecessarily increasing budgets for even normal films.

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Last but not the least, Producers should also be careful about their movie, and its budget. They should never go beyond the limits of a particular movie’s market, rather than blindly believing in the combination craze. Especially for the big budget films, it will be good for the producers to spend time on pre-production works. Because most of the films in the present days are becoming cost failures just because they are normally starting the movie without any script, and later they are working on the script changes in shooting time which results in unnecessary conflicts and reshoots.

It has to be noticed that a movie is a team work and whether the result is positive or negative, all are part of it. Heroes, Directors, and Producers all should come together to work for a film with full conviction, or otherwise they will face a big lesson like the team of agents have learned with their movie’s result.

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