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Actress Regina’s mystery thriller Nene Naa is now streaming on OTT

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Regina Cassandra, the beautiful and skillful actress in the South Indian film industry, recently came before the audiences with her latest film ‘Nene Naa’. This fantasy drama, despite having a disappointing theatrical run, seems to have received good response upon its OTT release. Just twenty days after its initial theatrical release, ‘Nene Naa’ made its debut on the Aha OTT platform, much to everyone’s surprise.

Karthik Raju is the director of ‘Nene Naa’, a fantasy drama that combines elements of revenge, fantasy, and the concept of reincarnation. Although the film’s shooting had been finished a while before its release, it faced multiple postponements due to various factors. The movie finally made its way to theaters on August 25th. Sadly, it didn’t generate the buzz it needed to maintain its successful, and it was removed from theaters in just a few days.

Regina Cassandra plays both a princess and an archaeologist in the film. The story revolves around Divya (played by Regina), an archaeologist who gets involved in a murder case of a foreigner who was found dead under mysterious circumstances in a forest. The police uncover a shocking truth that Damayanti, in a divine form, is responsible for the murder as they dig deeper into the case. The revelation prompts intriguing inquiries about the relationship between Divya, the archaeologist, and Damayanti, the princess from a previous life.

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Despite the initial setbacks, ‘Nene Naa’ has found a relatively better response upon its OTT arrival. Regina Cassandra’s compelling performance and the movie’s unique mixture of fantasy and mystery have impressed viewers who might have missed it during its short theatrical run. The film is now accessible to a wider audience thanks to OTT streaming, which gives it a second chance to shine.

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