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Actress Nayanthara upset and angry with Atlee over Jawan

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Lady Superstar Nayanthara has made her Bollywood debut with Shah Rukh Khan and Atlee’s Jawan which was released on September 7th and the film has become a massive blockbuster at the box office. While everyone in the unit is so happy and enjoying the success, Nayanthara is upset and angry with Director Atlee over her role.

Before the film’s release, the team clearly mentioned that Nayanthara was the lead actress of the film and Deepika Padukone just appears in a cameo in the film, According to industry buzz, Atlee expressed the same to Nayanthara before signing the film, so she also thought that Deepika’s character will have a very less runtime.

But after the release, everything got changed as Deepika Padukone had a strong characterization with a good amount of screen time. Nayanthara is said to be upset for the same reason, as Atlee has edited her scenes and reduced her characters’ screen time.

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Unexpectedly, Deepika Padukone’s performance was elevated and Nayanthara’s role was somehow neglected in Jawan. Deepika was reported to make a special appearance in the film as the wife of Vikram Rathod, the father role played by SRK. Well, it did not turn out to be a cameo, but Jawan appeared like a ‘SRK-Deepika’ film. It was not a cameo at all because the magic of the SRK -Deepika pair is something else, and it has a deep connect with the fans.

Nayanthara is so particular about all these things. But it is not like her character was completely dominated. She also had good screen presence and emotional moments in Jawan, but as said above, Deepika Padukone’s charming performance was loved more by the audiences.

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Meanwhile, during one of his “Ask SRK” sessions on X, Shah Rukh Khan spoke about his experience of working with Nayanthara. He wrote, “She [Nayanthara] is so beautiful and such a wonderful actor. Has added immensely to her role. Hope her fans in Tamil Nadu fall in love with her all over again and the Hindi audience appreciates her hard work.”

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