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Actress Karthika tied the knot

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Actress Karthika tied the knot. South Indian actress Karthika got married at the Kowdiar Udaya Palace Convention Center in Thiruvananthapuram. Rohit Menon, her groom, is from Kasaragod. Karthika is the daughter of Janam TV MD S Rajasekharan Nair and well-known South Indian actress Udayachandrika Nair (who is also known as Radha).

Numerous South Indian film stars, including Megastar Chiranjeevi and Radhika Sharath Kumar, were present at the wedding, which was attended by prominent figures from the political and cultural sphere. The actress recently announced her upcoming marriage to her fans and shared photos from her engagement ceremony on social media. The friends, near and dear ones were so happy as actress Karthika tied the knot.

In 2009, Karthika made her debut on the silver screen with Josh, a Telugu film. The actress gained recognition with the 2011 Tamil film ‘Ko’, which featured Jeeva in the main role. The film also drew attention from the audience in Kerala.

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Malayalam films such as ‘Makaramanju’ and ‘Kammath and Kammath’ have also had Karthika as the lead actress. On November 19th, Actress Karthika tied the knot.

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