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90’s Series is winning Hearts: A Must-Watch

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The 90’s series is winning hearts, and it is a must-watch one. The series started streaming on the ETV WIN app on 5th January. Undoubtedly, it is the best web series in recent times, with natural performances from the lead cast. The series has been written beautifully, and it has six episodes. Every episode keeps you entertained, and it gets you emotional. The 90’s series is winning hearts, and it is a must-watch one. 

The 90’s web series is receiving unanimous positive reviews from audiences. Also, it is a big break for the ETV WIN platform in the digital world. 

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This six-episode web series illustrates the life of a typical government school headmaster called Chandra Shekar, his two sons, his only daughter, and his wife. The Series is set in Wanaparthy in Telangana state in 2007. Each episode explores different emotions and turmoils and deals with societal pressure, glamourizing grades, patriarchal practices, beliefs, and ideals of middle-class families in India.

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Actress Vasuki, who played Pawan Kalyan’s younger sister in ‘Tholi Prema,’ takes on the role of Shivaji’s wife. Mouli Tanuj, known for his YouTube videos, takes over the role of Shivaji’s son. Shivaji plays a teacher in the series. As said above, the series is set in the 1990s and provides a captivating journey through the nostalgic trip of middle-class life.

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