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90’s Web Series Review: A Heartwarming Family Drama

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Web Series: 90’s
Rating: 3/5
Cast: Shivaji, Vasuki Anand Sai, Mouli Tanuj Prashant, Vasanthika, and Rohan Roy
Director: Aditya Hasan
Streaming On: ETV WIN
Release Date: 5 January 2024

The seasoned Actor Shivaji who took a long break from films participated in the Bigg Boss season 7 and gained massive popularity. He debuted into the digital world with 90’s Web Series. Let’s see how the series has been shaped up in 90’s Web Series Review. The Web Series 90’s turns out to be a heartwarming family drama.

Story: Chandrasekhar (Shivaji) is a regular middle-class family man, accompanied by his wife Rani (Vasuki Anand Sai) and their three children, Raghu (Mauli Tanuj Prashant), Divya (Vasanthika), and the youngest, Aditya (Rohan Roy). Chandrasekhar, a mathematics teacher at a Government School, endeavors to secure a brighter future for his children through private education. The series shows the family witnessing the challenges and triumphs with a nostalgic touch of middle-class life.

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Performances: Sivaji skillfully transforms into the character of Chandrasekhar, capturing the true essence of a middle-class father. As the queen of the household, Vasuki Anand Sai performs commendably. Mouli’s natural acting as Raghu stands out in the show, showcasing his talent. The effortless performances of Vasanthika and Rohan Roy further enhance the series.

Analysis: The director, Aditya, deserves credit for showcasing the aspect of middle-class existence, family situations, goals, and innocent love/crush tales during school days impressively and entertainingly. The best thing in the series is that the narrative never tries to inject any message or emotional depth forcefully, but it goes on a seemingly natural mode with a nice blend of fun and emotions.

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  • Performances
  • 4th Episode
  • Entertainment and Nostalgia Factor


  • Few Dull Moments
  • Routine Love Track of Teen/School Pair

90’s Web Series Review and Verdict:

90s is true to its caption of a middle-class biopic. Director Aditya Hasan showed a heartwarming family drama with an entertaining touch. Though the series gives a feel of drag in the middle parts for a while, it had enough engaging moments to sit through.

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