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Young filmmakers are degrading Telangana’s culture

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Films give an insight into the lives of the characters in it. They are a great tool for filmmakers to depict the culture, conditions, and events through which the character’s arc progresses. Malayalam films are a great example of the same as they give a great peek into their culture and customs.

Sandalwood’s last year blockbuster Kantara was another solid example of the same. The film achieved massive box office success and critical acclaim for its cultural depiction. Even in Telugu, there have been some movies that have done a great job of showcasing local culture.

However, of late, a large number of young filmmakers who are making movies on Telangana backdrop are not grasping this concept. The audiences mainly Telangana audiences are feeling the young filmmakers are degrading their culture by showing that people are addicted to alcohol, mutton, and involved in street fights with some vulgar language it’s repetitively in a lot of the latest movies. There is much more to rural Telangana’s rich heritage and the young directors need to stop this general stereotyping.

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