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Yatra 2 collections: A big box office failure

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Yatra 2 collections are disappointing and heading towards a big box office failure. Even though Yatra and Yatra 2 have political agendas, Yatra 1’s promotional content and songs created a good buzz among audiences and movie lovers. The content was also well received. It opened with a 3Cr share and collected more than a 10Cr share in its full run. Collecting a double-digit share with no Telugu star in the lead and for a political film is a very big achievement, and it was a success.

Coming to Yatra 2, the budget is more than double that of Part 1. The cast and crew receive huge remunerations. The songs and promotional content did not resonate like part 1 and were limited only to fans. With this, Yatra 2 collections saw a big impact and collected around half of Yatra 1 numbers on the opening day. The opening has a big push from political leaders. After a disappointing day 1, the movie crashes today. There are no signs of the movie taking a jump from here

There will be no loss for any buyers as the movie was released solely on an advance basis. Considering the budgets the team spent and collections, it’s a huge disappointment. It’s likely to end up with less than a 4Cr share worldwide.

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