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Yash19’s highly anticipated announcement is on its way

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The highly anticipated announcement of Yash19 is on its way. It is widely known that after a Pan-Indian blockbuster like KGF 2, Kannada Star Yash has not announced his next film. The fans have been waiting for Yash’s following film announcement for a long time, but he said that once he is satisfied with the script, only the official announcement will happen.

Finally, the update on Yash19 is loading as the Hero has updated his profile pic on Instagram to indicate that an update is loading for the fans. He has signed his next with Geethu Mohandas, and shooting will start early next year. The film will be an action drama; an official announcement is expected very soon. The fans will be happy to learn that Yash19’s highly anticipated announcement is coming. 

At a private event, Yash recently explained the delay in his upcoming film. He mentioned that he’s not chilling out, and if he’s doing anything, it’s because of the courage his fans have displayed all these days. He stated that he does not want to serve half-baked food to his fans. He asked them to be patient while he prepared a film that would make everyone proud.

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It has been reported that KGF 2 Star was actively involved in the entire process of Geethu Mohandas’s next project, from script to pre-production. Yash was cautious about his next film because of the high stakes involved. In a few days, all the details of the film will be revealed.

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