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Will Sandeep Vanga redefine commercial cinema?

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Will Sandeep Vanga redefine commercial cinema? Now, this question is doing rounds in the Indian Cinema audiences. It is widely known that young and dynamic Director Sandeep Reddy Vanga has created a brand with his debut film Arjun Reddy (Remade by himself in. Hindi as Kabir Singh), and he is all set for the release of his next movie, Animal, starring Ranbir Kapoor.

The film is hitting the theatres tomorrow, and despite having a lengthy runtime, the audiences are showing unprecedented interest in watching the film, resulting in solid advance bookings. The trade expects the film to have a 100Cr opening at the box office. Animal is also on the way to set a new benchmark for Bollywood in Overseas openings.

Usually, whenever a film has a lengthy runtime, most of the time, it will end up as a significant negative point for the movie, as keeping the audience engaged for such a long time takes work. This is why all the commercial films will maintain a runtime of 160 – 170 minutes, and only a few movies will go with a runtime over 180 minutes. 

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It became a shocking revelation when Sandeep Vanga informed us that the animal movie’s length was 3 hours and 21 minutes. But recently, the film’s runtime had been at most 190 or 200 minutes. Sandeep Vanga made a film and convinced the makers, heroes, and everyone involved in the movie. 

It was challenging to convince everyone, and the team completely believed the film’s content and Sandeep Vanga. Now the question is, will Animal reach the sky-high expectations of the audiences?

Sandeep Vanga can be the path-breaker as he will bring a new dimension to commercial cinema if Animal succeeds. All industries believe that more than 3 hours of runtime will not work positively for the film.

If the film Animal Works at the box office becomes a turning point in Indian Cinema, the directors can be confident, and they will not have any limits in telling their story. However, if it does not work, all the fingers will be pointed towards the director. So, let’s hope Sandeep Vanga redefines commercial cinema with the success of Animal.

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