Vakeel Saab 10 Days Andhra Collections

Vakeel Saab which stated on a strong note at the Box-office had a good 1st week in the Telugu States. It collected 76Crs share worldwide in its 1st-week run. It registered few good numbers on its 10th Day being a Sunday. Vakeel Saab Andhra Theatrical rights valued at 40.35 Crs and it has attained HIT status in UA and West. Here’s detailed 10 Days Andhra (6 Territories) breakup.

Pre-release business – 10.5 Cr
10 Days Worth – 10.08 Cr
Including GST – 11.3 Cr

Pre-release business – 7 Cr
10 Days share – 6 Cr

Pre-release business – 6 Cr
10 Days worth share – 6.2 Cr
Including GST – 6.94 Cr

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Pre-release business- 7.5 Cr
10 days worth share – 6.23 Cr
Including GST – 6.98 Cr

Pre Business – 6 Cr
10 Days share – 4.45 Cr (inc GST)

Pre-release business – 3.35 Cr
10 days share – 3.2 Cr (inc GST)

Vakeel Saab still yet to reach the breakeven mark in 4 regions (Andhra) and it’s not an easy task to achieve going by current trade. Vakeel Saab has to collect as much as it can on Wednesday being a holiday in the Telugu States. Let’s see how much can it mint on that last best day. The film collections were effected by ticket price issues, lack of benefit shows and corona 2nd wave. Vakeel Saab could have easily collected another 20% to the present Collections.

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