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Ustaad Bhagat Singh team is currently shooting a high-voltage interval block

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Ustaad Bhagat Singh, Pawan Kalyan’s upcoming film, has gone through many reshuffles and hurdles during its shooting phase, and it is widely known to everyone. Nonetheless, the movie is preparing to rectify all the issues, and the latest news is that Ustaad Bhagat Singh’s team is currently shooting a high-voltage interval block.

It is very well known to everyone that the previous film in the combination of the actor and director, Gabbar Singh, was a massive blockbuster and until date, it has been the most favorite film for Pawan Kalyan fans.

Especially the film’s interval is a high voltage interval block and undoubtedly the best in Pawan Kalyan’s career. Director Harish Shankar shows Pawan Kalyan at his best with terrific punch Dialogues and action elements. Reportedly, for Ustaad Bhagat Singh he said to have written even bigger than Gabbar Singh’s Interval. Currently, the team is shooting the interval block and Pawan Kalyan will continue the shooting until this week. The film is planning to be released in Summer 2024.

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Sree Leela is paired with Pawan Kalyan in the movie, which features prominent actors in important roles. Coming to the technical crew, Ayananka Bose handles the cinematography and Rock star Devi Sri Prasad helms the music. Editing is by Chota K Prasad. The action sequences are overseen by stunt director duo Ram – Lakshman.

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