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Tollywood new releases box office performance on Day 1

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The situation of Tollywood Fridays is becoming very tricky. There will be a flood of releases or it will be a single release like a drought. Especially the producers of small films are releasing films without proper planning and their films are getting minimal collections.

If the content is strong in them, some of the movies get good numbers from the second day, but after corona pandemic the situation has changed and these kind of opportunities are running out now.

On November 4, not one or two, but nine films arrived before the audience at the ticket counters. ‘Urvashivo Rakshasivo’ is the first one to have a lot of buzz. Unexpectedly, Allu Shirish movie got a decent talk. But on the first day, the gross collections were only up to 1 crore rupees. And we’ll have to wait and see whether Allu Sirish will be able to bring people to the hall on the weekend or not.

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No one likes the ‘Like Share Subscribe’ film, which arrived with a lot of promotions. Negative talk is pouring out like anything from the morning show itself. Merlapaka Gandhi’s experiment of dealing serious issue with comedy backfired.

The public has forgotten that Nandu was once a hero. However, he jumped into the ring with the film called ‘Bomma Block Buster’. It is hard to bear this entertaining cum revenge drama with no casting attraction. Another Kannada dubbing movie called ‘Banaras’ arrival with a time loop concept. Hero Zayed Khan is the new guy. This film was promoted as a Pan Indian film, but it failed to get even noticed. The expenditure in the budget was not reflected in the quality of the script.

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Dandupalayam director’s ‘Taggedele’ also failed to attract the audience they are taking the movie lightly. Tarakaratna’s old film ‘Sarathi’ was also released this week. The result is as expected. There were no people asking for another short film called ‘Jetti’ in the backdrop of the sea.

As if these were not enough, two imports arrival from Bollywood. Janhvi Kapoor’s Mili, Katrina Kaif’s phone booth did not get the minimum response in Telugu states.

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