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Tollywood Heros Demanding Unreasonable Salaries

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Ever since Rajamouli’s Bahubali performed well in non-Telugu markets, every ‘Star’ hero from our film fraternity hiked their paychecks. The COVID lockdown, which created a massive demand for films’ digital streaming rights, also played a key role in catalyzing this process.

However, now the OTT boom has ended, leading to poor business in streaming and satellite rights for films. Actors’ remunerations, which continued going uphill, couldn’t adapt to this change in trade, which put the producers in big financial trouble. In some cases, the lead actor’s remunerations have equaled or even exceeded the film’s total theatrical rights.

This issue in particular is significant among tier-2 Tollywood Heroes, who are quoting huge sums between 20 and 30 crore INR. Even small-time (tier-3) Tollywood Heroes demanding double-digit remunerations made the situation much worse. It’s high time for these actors, who overestimate their stardom, to understand that films’ non-theatrical business, which includes digital and streaming rights, is down and movies are struggling to register double-dight share figures even with positive talk.

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The total theatrical business of the films is not even recovering heroes’ remunerations. The mistakes are mainly on the producers’ side as they are offering record remunerations for dates and putting themselves in big trouble. Few producers understand the reality and now they are making the steps carefully but most of the producers still facing troubles as they are not in reality.

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