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Sweet Kaaram Coffee Review – Enjoyable and emotional

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Web Series: Sweet Kaaram Coffee
Rating: 3/5
Cast: Lakshmi, Madhubala, Shanthi Balachandran, Kevin Jay Babu, Vamsi Krishna, Dev and others
Directors: Krishna Marimuthu, Swathi Raghuraman, Bijoy Nambiar
Streaming On: Amazon Prime Video
Release Date: 6th July, 2023

Story: Sundari (Lakshmi) is a widow who stays with her  son Rajaratnam (Kevin Jay Babu). Rajaratnam is survived by his wife Kaveri (Madhubala), son Bala (Bala Suresh) and daughter Nivedita (Shanti Balachandran). Sundari does not have many issues with her life except one desire which is only known to her. While Kaveri dedicates her entire life to look after household chores, Bala works as a software engineer and Nivedita is an aspirational cricketer. One day, Sundari, Kaveri and Nivedita plan a road trip to Goa without informing the men at home. All the three women have their issues and struggles to sort out. Will they be able to fight them? In the process, how do they get along? How do Rajaratnam and Bala react to this trip? Answers to these questions form the rest of the story.

Analysis: The story of this series mainly concentrates on the three generation women belonging to the same family. The story showcases the journey of a grandmother, a mother-in-law, and a daughter and granddaughter, with their own experiences, and perspectives on life. The series, which takes its own time to get a move on, slowly becomes interesting when the road trip starts. The journey of Sundari, Kaveri and Nivediha together fighting and learning about each other is shown well.

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The journey of three women has been shown effectively as the interactions and conversations between them make you laugh, think and appreciate them. Almost all the scenes between Kaveri and Nivedita are good as they have funny and emotional talks. The discussion about the Friends series and the Tamil film Friends was hilarious. Also bonding between Sundari and Kaveri was also beautiful as they care and respect each other not only as a mother-in-law daughter-in-law but as a woman.

The phone conversation scenes between husband and wife, mother and son were emotional and entertaining as well The dialogues are impressive and laughable too. However, the flashback of Sundari had some impact, but it is not the same with the parts of Kaveri and Nivedita. Those episodes could have been clearer. The main reason behind Sundari’s decision to go on a trip is quite emotional. The ending of the series appears a bit slow and predictable as it finishes with regular cliffhanger kind scenes. The music by 96 fame Govind Vasantha was good.

Interestingly, the character arcs of Rajaratnam, Bala and Karthik are so well written. They start to look like typical egoistic men. But all the three go through a realization phase which makes them likable. However, the series follows a bit of a hurried and clichéd way to resolve the issues between Kaveri and Rajaratnam, Nivedita and Karthik.

Performances: Lakshmi was terrific as ever in the role of Sundari, while Madhubala gives a solid performance as Kaveri, the character which might look simple on. surface but has many layers. Shanthi Balachandran was natural, Kevin Jay Babu, Vamsi Krishna, Dev, and others were appropriate.

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Plus Points:

  • Casting and Performances
  • Writing 
  • Emotional depth
  • Music

Minus Points:

  • Regular traits of the genre
  • Few characters/tracks could have been better
  • Dull moments in between


Overall, as the title of the series suggests, this show is an amalgamation of Sweet like happy moments, spice like some reality check points and nice feel good elements like coffee. Worth mentioning performances and good writing make you enjoy this outing, while some repetitive scenes and dull parts act like negative points.

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