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Surprisingly, Nayanthara joins Annapoorani promotions

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Surprisingly, Nayanthara joins Annapoorani promotions. It is widely known that Annapoorani is the 75th Film of Lady Superstar Nayanthara. The film was released on December 1. However, the exciting thing is the actress, who usually does not like to be involved in the promotional activities of her films, has changed her decision about a landmark film. Surprisingly, Nayanthara joins Annapoorani promotions.

Nayanthara always puts a condition that she would not be involved in promotions of her movie and followed the same rule for big films, too. Her latest female-led film, Annapoorani, was released in theatres last weekend, and the movie received decent word of mouth. Still, it was heavily impacted by the Chennai rains, which resulted in an ordinary weekend for the film with okay numbers at the box office. 

But surprisingly, Nayanthara joins Annapoorani promotions. She served the food to college students as a part of promotions for Annapoorani.

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Annapoorani is a touching family film that chronicles the inspiring story of an orthodox Brahmin girl who dreams of becoming India’s top chef. The film is a straightforward presentation of the classic underdog tale. According to the critics, Nayanthara, known as the Lady Superstar, gave a captivating performance.

The food-based drama, directed by Nilesh Krishnaa, received praise for the leading actors’ performances.

Nayanthara and Jai, who had previously worked together in Raja Rani, reunited on screen in Annapoorani. According to Nilesh, Nayanthara recommended that Jai be added to the team. 

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