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Sudha Murty applauds The Vaccine War film – Early Premieres Campaign proving successful

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Sudha Murty, who is an educator, author, and philanthropist, recently attended a screening of Vivek Agnihotri’s upcoming film The Vaccine War. Sudha shared her thoughts on the movie, which she felt conveyed the message that confidence is the ultimate wealth.

The Vaccine War is considered to be India’s first bio-science cinematic venture. According to the makers, the movie is based on the true story of Indian scientists who fought against COVID-19 by developing an affordable vaccine for India and the world.

The video of Sudha Murty discussing the film after the screening was shared by Vivek Agnihotri. She began by calling the movie, “heart-touching”. She mentioned how a woman’s success is made possible by a man who understands her, as the film demonstrated the effort made by female scientists in creating a vaccine for COVID-19.

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Murty said, “I understand the role of a woman because she is a mother, she is a wife, and she is also a career person. It is very hard to balance your family and your work. But some people are fortunate. In my case, my parents stayed upstairs, and I stayed downstairs, which is why I could do better.” She continued, “It is not easy for a woman to pursue her career with children. She requires good family support. I always say, ‘Behind every successful woman, there is an understanding man; otherwise she cannot do it.’”

Sudha Murty has stated that The Vaccine War will educate people on the history of coronavirus vaccines in India. “The common man may not comprehend the meaning of Covaxin, but this movie clearly demonstrates the effort. It is not just work; it is selfless work that all these scientists did. To ensure that we all live happily and healthily in a democratic India, they spent the most time during this period. That’s a very important message,” Sudha shared.”

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Director Vivek Agnihotri also shared the information that an early premier show of the film, The Vaccine War will be screened today in Hyderabad.

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