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Small filmmakers should change promotional strategy

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From the past few months, small film teams are doing massive promotional campaigns for their movies but still, those movies have failing to attract the audiences towards the theaters. The reason for the failure of small movies is the teams are just giving the interviews continuously with some celebrities, interaction with multiple channels.

In those interviews, the same questions and answers are being repeated. The makers should understand that arranging press interviews, attending TV shows alone cannot get a film at the box office. For example, Anni Manchi Sakunamule, a medium budget film produced by a reputed banner Swapna Cinema had also gone through the same kind of promotions. The film unit had made aggressive promotions on social media, and they also appeared tin many YouTube interviews and TV Programs.

However, as said above, doing only the above-mentioned things cannot help a film. Making aggressive promotions and everything is fine, only those things cannot bring the audience to theaters. The teams should focus on content promotions. For example, a title plays a very crucial for a small film. If a title is catchy attractive, then it will definitely add curiosity in the movie goers.

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However, most of the titles of recent films are becoming the biggest minus for the openings of small movies. Also, releasing all the songs without any proper order does not help the motive of the film’s unit. The makers should learn that there is no need to release all the songs of their movie.They can select the best song of the movie and release it.

Because nowadays even a one chart buster song is enough to create buzz for a film. Apart from songs, the teaser, and trailer cuts are also important. But the teams of small movies are taking these things in granted and they are releasing the trailers just for namesake. They should cut the best possible shots of a movie in the trailer so that it would raise the expectations of the movie.

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