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Shankar failed to balance Indian 2 and Game Changer

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Director Shankar failed to balance Indian 2 and Game Changer films. It is widely known that the South Indian film industry’s biggest director is currently working on two big films, Game Changer with Ram Charan and Indian 2 with Kamal Haasan. But Shankar failed to balance Indian 2 and Game Changer.

Due to some legal conditions, Shankar was forced to work on Indian 2 film. Before that, the film’s shooting was halted due to multiple reasons and everyone thought that the film was shelved. However, the film’s production house made the film’s shooting resume again.

So with no choice left, Shankar had to handle both the films, Indian 2 and Game Changer projects at one time. Shankar convinced both the makers that he will balance the work of both the films, but he has been miserably failed in doing so.

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He spent more time on Indian 2 than Ram Charan’s film. In recent development, Kamal Haasan’s Indian 2 (Bharateeyudu 2) was split into two parts because of the excessive length. This change made the situation completely worse for Game Changer.

As the film, Indian 2 is set for a two – part release, so the makers of the film will not have budget burdens, and they can easily recover the costs

So Shankar should have convinced the makers and should have gone for the Game Changer release first. If Shankar really thinks and tries to work on this, then definitely Game Changer will be able to have a release next Summer.

Subsequently, he can release Indian 2 and Indian 3 back to back in September 2024 and Sankranthi 2025 or some other date with a minimal gap. By doing this it will provide a right balance between both films. But Shankar was unable to do that, and he wants to release the two parts of Indian 2 first, which makes the situation worse for Game Changer. Definitely, Ram Charan and Dil Raju have been badly affected by the failure of Shankar in balancing both the films.

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