Seetimaarr Review: A strong dose of mass elements and sports drama

Movie: Seetimaarr
Rating: 2.75/5
Cast: Gopichand, Tamannah, Bhumika Chawla
Director: Sampath Nandi
Produced By: Srinivasa Chitturi
Release Date: 10th September 2021

Gopichand and Tamannah starter sports action drama Seetimaarr hit the screens today. The film has been continuously getting postponed and finally made its way to the audience. The film’s Worldwide Pre-release Business is close to Rs 14 crs which is the highest for a Telugu film post 2nd wave and has recorded decent occupancies all over. But, is it enough to sustain the film’s business? Is Seetimaarr really whistle-worthy? Let’s find out.

Story: The story starts with a school named Ramakrishna Memorial School in Athreyapuram. The school is a prestigious institutions and has now become the target of corprates who want to occupy the premises. This is where Gopichand (Karthik) enters and what he does next forms the rest of the story. Karthik is a Kabaddi coach and uses sports as a tool for creating awareness towards the school issue.

Performance: Gopichand excels in action scenes and that has been his strong point always. Along with action episodes, there are enough emotional moments for him and he does adequately well. Tamannah as the Telangana Kabaddi coach has got a good role on paper but that doesn’t translate well enough. Her presence is merely for commercial purposes and as always she excels and outshines others in songs. Bhumika also is playing a done and dusted role that she can now sleepwalk through. The same sister role doesn’t excite the viewers and doesn’t provide anything new.

Analysis: Seetimaarr is a good combination of sports drama, emotions and action. Sampath Nandi establishes the premise pretty well and after a few minutes of cliched narration the story proceeds smoothly. There is enough for the action lovers and commercial movie lovers in the film. The biggest weakness of the film though is the formulaic sequences and twists. These sequences are quite predictable and are straight out of a commercial movie handbook. As the name suggests, the film definitely has some whistleworthy moments and gives audience a high in moments but inability to sustain that high exposes the writing weakness of the film.

Plus Points:



Action Episodes

Support cast

Minus Points:

Lack of entertainment

Undercooked brother-sister sentiment

Slow narration in first half

Verdict: Seetimaarr has been promoted throughout as a commercial action entertainer and it stays on that path. The film consists of all elements of a mass entertainer and delivers in most of those areas. The sports angle acts as a nice driving force for the movie but, as we have seen with a countless other sports films, it is quite predictable. The support cast surprisingly has come through well and the young Kabaddi players have done a decent job. Overall the film is a decent watch and will excite you if you like commercial mass cinema.